About Us

In these current times, technology is evolving faster than ever. And in the face of this change, customers are forced to make quick decisions of how and when to incorporate technology. Digital disruption is nowadays significant inside and outside of their companies.

Christian Pinochet Amaro
CEO, GCW Latam

What makes GCW stand out from the competition is our ability to go beyond technology: we offer business solutions and support our clients in the implementation and from start to finish. We try to build a bridge between us and the clients, in order to help them understand and control the associated risks to be found in each business. We focus on the client and the value of knowing their business.

In addition, the combination of the deep professional relationships we have with our clients and our experience, positions GCW as a strong and proven candidate to incorporate our technology for strategic, operational and compliance risk control.

The modern times we are living in push the companies to modernize themselves and incorporate the use of technology in all of their process.

As our world is undergoing rapid change and as such, we have recognized the need to delve deeper into the evolving environment; how to better understand the way companies and their executives respond to their new conditions. With this in mind, we have developed platforms in line with the technological trends of the modern era.

What we offer?

Intelligent and specialized system for managing the control of strategic and operational risks


Don Carlos 2939, oficina 208, Las Condes. Santiago de Chile.

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