It is a technological platform for Control Management with artificial intelligence and Ethical Hacking certification (cyber security):

  • We work from your cell phone (APP) to your computer (WEB), we are multiplatform.
  • We stand out because we are specialists in monitoring controls (strategic and operational).
  • Agile and easy to use and implement.
  • Works as SaaS Cloud Computing and On-Premise.
  • 100% customizable.
  • It has the best ROI in the market (ROI +400% savings - return on investment).
  • Helps improve efficiency ratios.
  • We incorporate the best international practices in monitoring internal controls.
  • Works for a company and its different subsidiaries with different languages simultaneously (Spanish, English and Portuguese).


Our clients achieve control over 80% of their risks worldwide.


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Enables us to manage and demonstrate due diligence of the Board of Directors and Senior Management, obtaining online and real-time balanced scorecards, 24x7x365, on the KCIs (Key Control Indicators). In addition, it monitors online the performance of the C-level, owner of the processes (managers), performing risk accounting with potential losses of value of the company.

Our platform is preventative, therefore, there are a series of alert mails with reports and graphs that reach the different levels responsible for controlling risks, and whose online and real-time information is essential to make immediate decisions. This makes it possible to manage an effective internal control environment which is permanently in continuous improvement.

Our platform is specialized and has been strongly developed to generate the bases for an effective internal control environment over the company’s strategic and operational risks. We can take a look at 100% of the documented controls, and know what happens with each one of them, enabling us to know the status of their design and operational effectiveness in real time, on line and in a timely manner. And finally, get to know which the company’s internal control environment really is.

Our complaints channel, in addition to receiving any irregularities or illegalities, makes it possible to carry out all the investigation directly from the platform, with the interaction between the ethics committee and the managers involved. This permits to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness and transparency for the board of directors and senior management, ensuring anonymity, confidentiality and information security.

Enables us to create and monitor the level of compliance with the action plans in the relationship “action plan owner-supervisor-internal control”, whose action plans can be centralized or decentralized to make this process more executive, along with the supporting documentary management.

Monitors the risk-control relation and determines the company’s potential value losses. In addition, in accordance with COSO ERM and ISO 31000, it uses electronic surveys aimed at managers, which facilitate the identification and evaluation of strategic risks in each process.

Generates a global and centralized view of the value chain in the different processes (strategic and operational) that support all management and whose data are fed by the company’s operation, together with the supporting documentary management.

Our platform with continuous audit is an internal process that examines accounting practices, risk controls, compliance, processes , business procedures and operationals on an ongoing basis.

The input information are usually operation driven and designed to supervisor the quality of the controls and data verification in real-time by the owners of the proccesses.

A continuous audit driven system generates alarm triggers that provide notice about the level of diligence detected by the internal control system.

Our platform additionally acts as a repository for backup of the controls performed. These backups can be used by the three lines of defense (operation, internal control, and as work papers by internal audit). Our platform can also keep policies and procedures to be consulted by the different levels of the organization.

Helps monitor management of controls over the different national and international, internal and external compliance regulations (Regulators, ISOs, Crime Prevention Model Law 20.393, SOX 302, 404, 409, 806, 906, Fraud, FNE, etc).

Our platform is fed 100% and directly by the operation itself, and supervised by the senior levels, therefore, it does not duplicate information, and monitoring of the C-Level (managers) makes it possible to identify what is failing, and once it is corrected with agile action plans a follow up is carried out, which generates continuous improvement.

Our reports and graphs permit a 100% view of what the company wants to control. In addition, we can build new types of reports and graphs according to the client’s special requirements. We are 100% flexible.

Our artificial intelligence can bring many advantages to the company, since it allows for collection in formation and provides means to support control over reputational risk and generate value for the company. Additionally we can build new types of Artificial Intelligence according to the client's special requirements.

What we offer?

Intelligent and specialized system for managing the control of strategic and operational risks


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